Friday, May 21, 2010

Losers Make Excuses, Winners Make it Happen!

There's no quick fix. There's no instant magic pill that's gonna help you lose the weight. You have to put in the dedication, the blood, the sweat, the tears. I can tell you from personal experience that it takes...SELF MOTIVATION! No one can make you do it, you have to want to do it yourself.

For those of you who don't me, I'm Carla Triplett. I was on The Biggest Loser Season 7 and was the Heaviest Women Ever in the history of the show. I weighed in at 379lbs, I lost a total of 128lbs, and my journey still continues. This blog is about sharing my weight loss story, so that I can encourage, motivate, and inspire others who are struggling with losing weight.

Excuses are made to satisfy yourself, and no one else. Let's be winners together!


  1. Wtg Carla on your weight loss. You have showed strength and courage and your fans are proud of you. You are such an inspiration to those like me who need to lose a lot of weight in order to save your life. Now, I just gotta learn how to save mine...

  2. Love this...I'm queen of excuses. I've got to stop that and keep moving in the right direction. Happy to see you blogging. Welcome to the blogging world!

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  4. Very Beautifully said Carla, This is why I have been so passionate about fitness, cause it's an oppotunity to change peoples lives and wareness. Self motivation is key anyone has it, you just have to want it and the rest is easy. YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!

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  5. Thanks guys!! I'm new to blogging, so forgive me for my late replies!!

    So let's get off our Booties and K.I.M!!!

  6. Carla, your story is amazing. I'm on the same journey myself. i'm glad that I'm not alone... :")