Sunday, June 6, 2010

Home Training Group!!

When I started gaining weight, I hated going to the gym. It felt like everyone was looking at me, therefore I wouldn't go. Working out with a trainer at the gym felt even worse...because the yelling and screaming drew attention to the fat girl who wasn't doing what the trainer wanted her to do. So embarrassing!!

I know that there are trainers that don't scream and yell...but at that time I had encountered trainers that did, and that was it for me. Had I known trainers would come to my home and work me out, I would've done that. Being in the comfort of my own surroundings, not having everybody and they're momma staring or looking at me, and feeling uncomfortable. I would've jumped on the chance!!

I had know idea that there where companies out there that offer this service. Well, there is one company in particular, HOME TRAINING GROUP.

I met the owner (Candice Belfour) who had gone through some of the same feelings and emotions, that I expressed. She tried many things, gone to gyms and was embarrassed and humiliated. Candice even tried out for The Biggest Loser, and was not chosen...another rejection. So she started asking trainers if they would / could train her at home because she was a stay at home mom with two young boys.

Only one trainer, said yes...came out worked her out and helped her lose over 130lbs at home. She came up with the idea and started Home Training Group. I was amazed by her story. I know that there are so many women and men all across the world that have experienced or currently experiencing what Candice and I felt. Well with Home Training Group, you can have affordable personal trainers come to your home.

I became a Territory Operator for Home Training Group, and what better way for me to stay in shape and continue my weight loss journey than partnering with a company that offers in home personal training.

Sign up for 5 or more training session, get 1 FREE session to work out with me.

Refer a friend, family member, or coworker get 1 FREE session to work out with me.

visit website:

Contact if unable to reach me,

Contact customer service 1.800.979.4180

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

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